By Emma Dean

It’s been a busy year for Deez Nuts, touring Europe and the USA, writing a new album and putting together their first behind-the-scenes DVD. Frontman J. J. Peters chatted to Emma Dean on the eve of their return back home for their ‘Fuck the World’ tour.

You have been fairly quiet on the home front since May last year, what have you been up to since then?

We have been doing a lot since the “Destroy Music Tour” actually. We did the full European summer festival circuit, spent 6 weeks touring the USA and Canada with Bring Me The Horizon, Parkway Drive and Architects then toured Europe again for a month on the “Never Say Die Tour” with Suicide Silence, Emmure and Vanna. Oh and we found time to make a DVD. Not a bad year.

You’ve toured Europe and the States before, how has the scene changed since your last visit? What crowds have been the most amazing?

Europe is always good to us; we’ve been there twice a year since the band formed, three times last year! So it just gets better and better, crowd-wise and response-wise. USA is dope to but once tour was Ghost Inside and Firstblood, the next was the BMTH tour I mentioned earlier so both were completely different but equally dope.

Tell us about the Fuck the World CD/DVD – what made you decide to put it together? What can fans expect?

Well it’s something we’d wanted to do for a while; I guess we were just waiting till we had enough footage to make it worth the while. People can expect a look at the inner workings of the band, the recording process and a lot of tour antics. We think it’s a good time. [It] also comes with a full live set and 2 music videos as well as the “Rep Your Hood” EP and “Stay True” album.

How far back does the video cover? What are your best and worst memories from the documentary?

It dabbles a little in to the past of the band but we didn’t have a lot of old footage, there’s some pretty embarrassing footage from our second show ever. There’s definitely stand out highlights/moments but you’ll have to watch, I don’t wanna spoil that shit! [laughs]

You’re getting ready to write/record your third studio album later this year in the USA at the Brick Hithouse in Massachusetts with Shane Frisby (Bury Your Dead, The Ghost Inside). What made you decide to record in the States and hand the production reigns over to Shane?

We’re actually in Sheffield, England right now writing the new album at the Drop Dead Studios before we head off on the Madball/H20 tour. Shane’s been a friend of mine for years, he approached us about doing it and I love some of the stuff he’s done so we thought we’d try something new.

Has your song writing style changed since 2010’s This One’s For You? Are there any special guests you’ll be collaborating with?

Yeah were doing everything differently this time. I’m writing and recording with a full band as a posed to doing it all myself as I have on prior records. [It] should make for a different vibe on the new album for sure.

You’re taking the Fuck the World tour around Australia in April – what can audiences expect?

Well we haven’t been out since mid last year so were psyched about this tour, everyone that comes along can expect a different set then usual and a good time!

You’re supporting acts are Phantoms and The Bride – what made you choose these bands to tour with?

It just kind of came together actually. But I’m a fan of both bands and look forward to touring with them, there’s already been some drinking challenges laid down so that will be interesting [laughs].

You’ve played with some extraordinary acts over the years (The Amity Affliction, Bring Me the Horizon and The Red Shore just to name a few) – are there still any acts you’d like to tour/collaborate with?

[Laughs] Well all of those extraordinary acts are close friends of ours, in fact members from all of those bands have played in DN at some time. But yeah, we love playing with them. We’re about tour with Madball so if I can get Freddy on a track I’d be all about it.

What albums make you sit back and think ‘fuck that’s brilliant!’?

Ready to Die – Biggie; The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me – Brand New; Anything – Ryan Adams.

Any local (or not so local) up-and-comers you’d like to plug?

Yeah there’s a band in Sheffield we been hanging with called While She Sleeps who are dope, check ‘em out.

Any last words for the fans?

I love you so much it hurts.

Best of luck as you head out on the road, thanks for your time!

Cheers, thanks so much for having me!



Many thanks to JJ for taking the time to answer our questions. Special thanks also to Seam at We Are Unified. 
For more information about the band, check out: 


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