Review: Lovers Jump Creek – ‘Bless This Mess’ [EP]




Lovers Jump Creek – Bless This Mess

By Katie Nagy


‘Bless This Mess’ by Sydney Band, Lovers Jump Creek, is exactly what you would expect from your typical Australian pub band, except better.

The four piece made up of vocalist/ Guitarist Mark Webber, Sam Thomlinson on guitar, bassist Fergus McCulla, Jarred Young on drums present their music loud and unashamed – delivering powerful guitar sounds and strong vocals.

‘Half Chubbed’ sets this EP up brilliantly, starting with a strong vocal and loud guitar combo, it sets the tone perfectly and introduces the bands love of guitar solos and banging drums.

Second song ‘Ditty’ is another strong performance with a great flow and impressive instrumentals, it is easy to see why it was chosen as the first single. ‘French Kiss’ and ‘Cadence’ follow nicely with their hard edge sounds and ballsy vocals.

Finally ‘Shut Up and Touch Me’ is a highly catchy tune that starts slow and builds nicely into a well structured, addictive chorus.

Lovers Jump Creek is a fantastic young Australian band that has all the potential to go as big as they want to go. Their music is passionate, energetic, youthful and well played. Definitely a band to watch in the future.




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