The Color Morale

Reviewed by Jade Daly

So, The Color Morale have just released their fourth studio album Hold On Pain Ends and [as expected] it’s pretty god damn good.  Their track record for distinctive and evocative music is so far unbroken, and it seems it’s going to stay that way for the foreseeable future.

Opening track Damnaged is a powerful piece that upholds the bands reputation for tackling realist issues, and with the addition of an unforgettably catchy chorus it’s kind of hard to let the record move on without hitting repeat first.

Outer Demons is both hot and heavy and jumps straight into business, working with a mash-up of vocals that create an incredible juxtaposition of two completely different sounds, this song is proof that hardcore can be harmonious too.

Prey For Me demands attention from the outset, opening with catchy guitar riffs and melodious vocals. Lyrically this song really pulls out all the stops creating an almost captivating, poetic effect; ‘When will our hearts be free? Because our ribs are cages.’

Personally, I’m a sucker for a stand out lyric and this is a trait that is mirrored throughout the entire record.

The Ones Forgotten By The Ones Forgetting is where the Color Morale really start to stand out for me, as a band that challenges the norm. The Ones Forgotten By The Ones Forgetting is 2 minutes of haunting simplicity, and it really works.

Hold On Pain Ends is the perfect end to an incredibly diverse record that hits all of the right buttons. The title track is both vulnerable and bare.

With their relatable lyrics and notable sound range, it’s easy to see why The Color Morale have so many dedicated fans.  Hold On Pain Ends is a roller coaster ride of a record and it is without a doubt worth checking out [over and over again…].



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