Reviewed by Meghan Player

Australian music is entering an interesting and explosive time – with more and more local bands grabbing audiences by the balls and wowing them with some ridiculously impressive releases and live shows. Such is the case for Sydney locals, Hurst – and their new EP, IV.

Initially, it’s the distorted, funk guitar of Whine that grabs your attention – sweeping you up into its brooding psyche, before vocalist Ana Veira tears apart the soundscape, with what can only be described as one of the most powerful (see: killer) female voices I’ve heard in recent memory. Rest assured, this lady can belt out a tune – and is perfectly complimented by the ensuing packed-full-of-funk grooves.

Eve offers a quick change of pace, demonstrating the bands ability to cover multiple styles and techniques, without shying away from their core sound. It’s this shift in sound that keeps you listening, with the band hinting at a sense of mystery; making sure you never know what the band will do next.

Switching the style once again, Begs For More draws you into a warm, almost lounge-style melody – that creates the perfect contrast to the heavier tracks that proceeded it. It’s infectious, endearing and another perfect demonstration of the bands versatility.

Final track Fence Rider starts with the simplistic drum beat with a certain jazz den vibe, before the bass chimes in and Veira’s vocals once again take you for ride. There’s something familiar about the track, without being predictable – something endearing, without being pretentious.

Overall, this is an impressive EP from Hurst. The sound and style versatility of the band is commendable, and will only see them well as they move into the future. Keep your eyes on these kids, they’re going to get people talking.



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