Nagoya rockers Coldrain have already made their mark in becoming a household name in their home country Japan and building their international footprint with their blistering live show. Having recently been added to the Soundwave Festival 2015 line-up, we sat down with vocalist Masato to chat about The Revelation, touring and creative inspirations.

By Mark Plummer

The Revelation is your first album to be given a worldwide release via Hopeless Records; what does it mean to you guys to be on a label that has such a fantastic roster of bands, with a reputation for releasing albums that hold notoriety?
To be among these amazing bands is a great honor. It feels great to know that the years of sticking to something can pay off in the best way.

Are there any challenges to re-releasing an album to the rest of the world, is there anything from your back catalogue that you’d like the rest of the world to hear?
With the internet, I know a lot of the fans will go back and listen to our older tracks, but I’d definitely want to get those tracks that we’ve played live for so many years, in the spot light again. Someday maybe.

Most people probably wouldn’t associate Japan with rock music, with many Japanese acts not achieving global fame despite successes at home; are there any challenges you’ve experienced when trying to break into the worldwide market?
I have a feeling it would be harder for bands that have made it super big in Japan to start over again. I assume that dilemma has crushed a lot of bands in the past. We still remember playing the smallest of venues and making nothing when it comes to money. It actually feels good to be back as rookies. I’d rather be known as a nobody, than looked at as a band that does well in their own country.

Japan has long been seen as propping up the music industry, having the second biggest market behind the US; is there anything the rest of the world can learn from Japan?
I think it’s pretty much starting to fall, but the record companies and record stores seem to be doing their job, because people still go to the stores and buy the actual CDs there. Not online or downloading. The artists help keep both of those parties survive as well.

You’ve played Rock am Ring and Download Festival; played with notable acts such as Papa Roach and Bullet For My Valentine, how has your musical experience been so far; do you ever pause for breath and take it all in with what you’ve achieved thus far?
When you set goals or dream of playing at festivals like Rock Am Ring and Download for so many years it feels weird when you actually get there. But when you see the fans singing it’s all good. That’s all I really need to go on.

You’ve been added to the Soundwave lineup for 2015, can you sum up what it will mean to the band to play such a pivotal festival in the Australian music scene, sharing the stage with some big names in music?
So many bands have told us it’s their favorite country and favorite festival. The line up is so good, it’s like someone was playing around, writing down every band they felt like seeing. We are super stoked to be a part of the 2015 line up.

How have you found your reception outside of Japan, do you play anything from your back catalogue they may not have heard, or do you have to change your set list up completely?
We don’t have to change too much, because we sometimes rely on YouTube to help us out. It sucked that for some songs we have to but we want to keep our set list the same as possible. We always want to play at 100% no matter where we are.

What bands influenced your current sound; was there anyone growing up who gave you the creative inspiration to achieve your goals?
Our current sound is definitely a mixer of a million influences, but as a singer, I have to say my big influences have been Brandon from Boys and Chester Bennington from Linkin Park. I love everything about their voices. They are my biggest idols.

Do you find that there are challenges to writing songs in English as opposed to your first language?
I suck at spelling. That’s about it. I wish I was better.

Finally, is there anywhere you haven’t been that you’re hoping The Revelation will take you now that you’ve got a worldwide album?
We’ve recorded twice in the US but never played a show. So I’d have to say a US tour. I’d love my American side of the family to see our band play. They have supported me from day one.

Many thanks to Masato for taking the time to chat to us. Coldrain will perform as part of Soundwave Festival 2015.


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