Nine Volt Heart

Nine Volt Heart
(West Yorkshire, UK)

How would you describe your sound and lyric style?
I’d like to think we have a pretty diverse sound. We don’t have one set formula or style, on our new record each song sounds way different from the last and I really dig that. Lyrically, we’re really into storytelling and having running themes and concepts going on.

Who are your main influences?
My Chemical Romance, Twin Atlantic, Foo Fighters, Black Flag, Nirvana, Libertines… plus a terabyte sized iPod worth of other stuff.

What are you working on now?
We’re kicking about a bunch of new tunes and we’ll get some recording done this summer hopefully, it’d be really cool to get something else out this year, but I think we’re still finding our feet and figuring out what we’re doing with ourselves. We worked for ages on The Miracle Kids and it still feels weird to not have getting that finished looming over us – it’s really nice to just be able to write as much as we want when we want.

Are you touring now?
Not at the moment, which sucks abundantly. We totally want to though.

What can people expect at your live gigs?
I think people who have seen us would expect a lot of energy from us, out of tune guitars and really REALLY terrible stage banter.

Where can people check out your music?


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