(The Wirral, UK)

How would you describe your sound and lyric style?
The evolutionary growth of this band has stemmed from this ideology of honesty and positivity that we try our hardest to present in the lyrics we write. They’re more like stories which all derive from one of our past experiences. It’s not some pretentious poetry – there are catchy hooks aplenty throughout – but we wanted to release something true, thought-provoking and relatable. It might be safe to say we fall into the niche of Post-Hardcore bands but hope for whoever listens thinks we have a unique twist to our sound.

Who are your main influences?
One good thing that helps us all write as a band is the vast range of influences from each member and they’re all so diverse. On one side of the spectrum we love bands such as Pierce The Veil, Letlive and Emarosa, but then we get such influence from artists such as HAIM and Sam Smith. It’s a great thing to have a widened palate of musical interest because you can incorporate so much of that into what you want to write. Maybe some people will say that we don’t know which direction we’re heading musically, but we just write music we love and hope that there is something for everything on our debut album.

What are you working on now?
It may seem like we’ve been hiding ourselves under a rock for the past year. But since the release of our debut EP and our first single ‘Science & Gods’ we’ve been hard at work writing our debut album titled ‘The Future’s Mine To Make’ .
We started recording the 10 track album in the late summer of 2013 with producer Dan Lancaster (Lower Than Atlantis, Mallory Knox, Don Broco) and what a character he is. He’s a genius when it comes to vocals, there were stellar harmonies he conjured up out of nowhere that became such standout sections in songs. It may come across cliché, but we’ve put our heart and soul into this album and it couldn’t have happened without the support from all our family and friends. It’s been described that we display beauty and craftsmanship in the album’s entirety and to hear such things like that honestly makes it all so worthwhile we couldn’t be any more humbled.

Are you touring now?
We cannot wait to get out on the road to showcase our debut album. We are currently planning a November tour with our good friends in Violet which we are so excited for – we cannot wait to get back out on the road with those guys! But before that, we are booking a whole bunch of one-off shows up and down the country including a free special acoustic set in Liverpool’s PULP Store in (25/08/14) and we are headlining the Basement Stage of MedRock Festival in Manchester’s Sound Control (14/09/14)

What can people expect at your live gigs?
An ecstatic and true testament to the songs we write expressed in our personal interaction, movement and presence…well that’s what we attempt.

Where can people check out your music?
All of our music videos including our brand new single ‘Futures’ can be found on our YouTube channel. You can also find us on Spotify and from Aug 11th 2014 you can download our debut album ‘The Future’s Mine To Make’ from iTunes.
Also if you’re social network savvy, we love to interact with fans so come and chat to us.

Facebook: facebook.com/pavilionsband
Twitter: twitter.com/pavilionsband
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/pavilions-1

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