Sounds Like Sunset

Sounds Like Sunset
(Sydney, Australia)

How would you describe your sound and lyric style?
The sound is – sort of raw, big, loving, nasty & fuzzy. It’s hopefully like nothing anyone’s heard before, but I guess you never know. Lyric style is – maybe abstract, stream of consciousness, jumbled metaphors & thoughts that kind of trail off & blend. The music comes first and the words come after that, so the words have to kind of groove & skip over rhythm or a pattern that’s already there. The lyrics don’t really tell very obvious stories – they mean a lot to me personally but I like to keep it all open-ended & non-literal as possible.

Who are your main influences?
We were like most angry teenage boys & had all the dark punk angry influences like punk & metal etc – and that eventually turned into falling in love with just…total bliss pop & garage. Anything that’s brutally honest & aggressive without being all blokey oz-rock, if you know what I mean – cos that’s kind of been done to death.
Most of us love 60s & 70s bands like The Kinks, Beach Boys, Love, Stooges, Can – tons of great groups there. That stuff never ever gets old. Then there are 80s/90s groups like The Cure, Stereolab, Yo La Tengo, Jesus and Mary Chain, High Llamas, Sebadoh, Public Enemy, Teenage Fanclub, Bailterspace – I don’t know – we certainly don’t strive to be any of those bands, but together they’re all just a big melting pot of lots of great stuff. Bands who didn’t just play it safe – bands that took risks & who made something really unexpected.

What are you working on now?
At this very moment we’re actually working on a bunch of Glide covers! There are 2 Glide/William Arthur tribute nights in a few weeks that we and a bunch of other bands will be playing in Sydney, and we loved Glide. I used to follow them around & see them wherever they played. We’ve also got quite a few new songs of our own ready to roll, so we have studio time booked to start working on another record in about September. We’re also working on reissuing our previous two albums Saturdays (2000, Modular) and Invisible (2005, Architecture) on vinyl, and they should be out in 2015.

Are you touring now?
A little bit – we’ve already done a bunch of shows around Sydney & also Brisbane this year & we’ve been starting to plan some more shows in Melbourne & Brisbane  – so we’ll probably be in those places again in a month or two. We’d like to get to Newcastle & Wollongong & Canberra really soon too – it’s been a while since we’ve played outside the major centres.

What can people expect at your live gigs?
Hopefully something like a thunderstorm, with cool songs inside.

Where can people check out your music?

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