(Camborne, UK)How would you describe your sound and lyric style?
Probably the saddest musically-scored audio book currently available right now, without being hosted by amazon or iTunes, or endorsed by any positivity-teaching specialists.

Who are your main influences?
Craig fondly speaks of Little Kid, who is a sensational artist from Ontario, Canada. We e-mailed Kenny to possibly tour with him, in-which we (disappointingly) learned that there are two London’s in the world. A few days of dismay followed.

Additionally, Craig resonates with Adam Gnade who, again, crafts awe-inspiring music however addressing his stories in the way of spoken word. Personally speaking, Jamie Stewart from xiu xiu and all past projects has proceeded to dominate the internal charts of inspiration. Jamie’s the only artist that I’ve come across that is more open than any book I’ve read, as if the pages have been ripped out and stapled across every vibration coming out of his voice box, and yet, despite this, continue manages to encase an enigmatic personality.What are you working on now?
We’re currently looking to develop our sound deeper through utilizing more ideas that have been held off in the past, and now embracing them by implementing them into the future sound of this project, additionally, we’re looking to perform live and hopefully tour. That would be an utter joy to happen, so perhaps upon the completion of our new material, muscle strands will begin motion and e-mails will be written to book a fantastic tour.

Are you touring now?
Unfortunately not, but, we’d love to. I’d love to. Craig would love to. We had our first show a few weeks ago, ever. And I wasn’t there due to being away working with Egos, which is a naughty move, but according to the reception, the audience enjoyed Craig’s solo set, despite three or four people walking out upon playing Act II from the latest ‘loss’ release. Arguably not the most comfortable of songs to listen to on record, let alone live!

What can people expect at your live gigs?
I would just say an inclusive, emotional and personal experience. We were close to booking a tour of people’s living rooms simply due to the overwhelming amplification of adjustable atmosphere. Where one song covering ‘this’ topic can ignite or ‘that’ song can deflate the entire ambiance and resonance frequency of the room due to the audience’s reaction.

Which is what a boldly powerful aspect about music is, how it’s not all the work of the performer conducting their own pieces/covers, but a significant part of a live setting is the way those listening, or watching allow themselves to simply feel and allow their brain chemistry export itself throughout our bodies and into language. It’s a humbling experience to even be blessed with the ability to hear, and I guess it’s the audio-artist’s to be heard, or make noise that is accessible to every single human being (for example, The National Orchestra of Wales explore how it’s possible for the hearing impaired to access music through vibrations). 

We want to make people feel, explore emotions and themselves, how they react and how they connect or disconnect with the vibrations we co-sign to the next note.

Where can people check out your music?
We’re mainly on Bandcamp, we have a Soundcloud, but more Bandcamp orientated! The interface just feels more homely.

Bandcamp: http://kaninchen.bandcamp.com/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/kaninchensw
Facebook: facebook.com/pages/Kaninchen/382698505171716?fref=ts

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