The Royal Artillery

Reviewed by Jade Daly

The Royal Artillery are Brisbane’s very own modern take on the rock n roll blues band.  With classic riffs and sexy licks, it’s impossible to avoid the whirlwind sensation that accompanies their unperturbed sound.  In a day and age dominated by stereotypical genres, a sound that beats outside the box is most definitely a welcome breath of fresh air and their debut album is exactly what we need.

Opening track Johnny Cash Invents The Blues sets the bar for the entire record, a mash-up of classic rock n roll riffs and rough and ready vocals, this song will without a doubt keep the guys and gals dancing on their toes.

Cactus slows down the beat and works as a gentle reminder that there’s nothing better than a smooth as hell guitar solo, especially when said guitar solo takes up at least 75% of the song in question.

Pony Ride, a personal favourite, picks up where Cactus leaves off. It’s as catchy as it is captivating, three tracks in and this record already had me wrapped around it’s metaphorical little finger. The bands sound is so god damn alluring it’s almost heartbreaking; ‘…You’ve been mine. You’ve been someone else’s pony ride…’   

Rollin & Tumblin kicks things up a notch, somehow giving this three-piece band the ability to double, hell, even triple their sound. To put it simply this song sounds huge. It’s easy to see where at least some of the musical influence comes from when you listen to these tantalizing riff’s , they just scream Hendrix, over and over again. Talk To Your Daughter is a prime example, almost five minutes of instrumental genius, yet somehow it still leaves you begging for more (seriously, if you don’t believe me, just listen for yourself…)

Overall this album is the provocative devil of music, luring you into a fun-filled world of sexy riffs and rock n roll. The Royal Artillery are, in my humble opinion, the modern-day James Dean of the music world, and really what more could you actually ask for?


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