The Four Fours

The Four Fours
(Derbyshire, UK)

How would you describe your sound and lyric style?
There’s a constant tug of war between immediate, poppy, alternative rock and math rock nerdiness. Between straightforward song writing and finding ways to take things in unique and interesting directions. We’re not prog though! If we can find a way to fit a bunch of great ideas into a song that’s under two minutes then great.
Sound-wise our classic and modern rock influences are definitely reflected in our music. Pure sounds, lots of space and massive choruses. We’re very stripped down musically. We’re a new band, we’re a trio and we’re enjoying exploring what we are and what’s possible. I can’t promise that we’re always going to work this way, one day we may go mental and all start playing keyguitars, but for now this is what we enjoy.
The lyrics are inspired by events in my life, but I generally use imagery to express myself. I love messing with language and ideas. Trying to say something old in a new way. I write from the heart and then the head tidies things up after. I love sci-fi, over the top love stories where everyone dies and new perspectives on self.

Who are your main influences?
My influences are all over the shop. I love Queen. Freddie is the best. Then The Beatles, Zeppelin, early Radiohead, At The Drive-in, Biffy, Blur. They’re all constants for me. However, I go through periods where I’ll be temporarily influenced by stuff.
For example, I’m currently catching up on My Chemical Romance’s stuff. I kind of missed the boat there. It’s amazing how many of their songs I’ve bopped about to in clubs and literally had no idea who they were. ‘Famous Last Words‘ is my favourite and I challenge anyone to write a better pop song than ‘I’m Not Okay‘. Gerard Way’s singing is off the grid and the guitarists are incredible.
Other recent influences include Chvrches, Fleet Foxes, Band of Horses and Antlers. I also caught St Vincent at Glastonbury and she’s something else entirely. I’ve never heard anything like it! It’s like Patti Page dragged through an episode of Star Trek! I’m going to see her at Cambridge Junction next month. How much of these have a bearing on what we write? Probably not much.. I dunno..

What are you working on now?
We’ve been working on all the promotional stuff for our debut release, which was released on the 14th of July. It’s a double A-side single called ‘Count To Ten/Messing With History‘. We had a couple of great tracks ready to go and they worked together, so it made sense to put them out old school, double-A style. We’ve received a lot of support from all over the place.
Meanwhile, we’re working on our debut album which should be out right at the end of the year or sometime early 2015. We’ve got a few tunes on the go which we’ll be recording at Rich’s studio over the next couple of weeks. We’re also starting to think about live dates. It’s a very exciting time for us.

Are you touring now?
We fricking love playing live! We will be, but we’re working on the album at the mo.

What can people expect at your live gigs?
We’re a new band and although we’ve racked up a serious amount of touring in our previous incarnations, we have yet to venture out as The Four Fours. We have no idea what to expect other than the unexpected. However, I can guarantee it’ll be a damned good party!

Where can people check out your music?
Youtube: http://youtu.be/EmlbdfezEs4
Twitter: @thefourfours
Facebook: www.facebook.com/thefourfours
Website: www.thefourfours.com


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