Foxy Shazam (Credit: Steven King)

Foxy Shazam has never been good at following the rules, but the latest chapter in their rollercoaster tale is undoubtedly the most groundbreaking. Their new LP Gonzo evokes a level of fierce impassioned authenticity previously unheard in the bands back catalogue. As the band take a short break on their US tour, we sat down with bassist Daisy Caplan to talk about the album, working with Steve Albini and getting naked.

By Emma Dean

Hi Daisy – how are you? You’re on tour now, yes? Where are you at the moment?
We’re good, thanks for asking. We were on tour, but now we have a couple of weeks off. We are currently in Cincinnati.

Your new record Gonzo is quite a step in a new direction for you musically, very stripped back and raw. What sparked the change from your last album?
Nothing specific or conscious. We were just in a different frame of mind creatively, and this is what came out.

Talk us through the creation of Gonzo – from the initial ideas, songwriting to recording. What’s a typical writing session like? What do you find influences you the most?
We met up every day of the week and either played or recorded. We would whittle down each others ideas until we felt good about them collectively. Our state of mind as a group influences our music far more than anything else.

Do you have any particular favourites from the new album? What tracks go down the best live?
I like Don’t Give In and Tragic Thrill the best. I feel like Have The Fun is a really cool one to play live.

You’ve worked with some incredible producers over the years (Rob Cavallo, John Feldman, etc). With Gonzo how did you meet Steve Albini and what influences did he bring to the recording process?
Steve jedi-mind-tricks you into trusting your own intuition instead of looking for outside approval. It was jarring at first but quickly became a very valuable tool to access.

Is there anything you’d do differently for the next album? Or is there something new you’d like to try?
I’m sure we will do different things and try new things on our next album. It will be another album, and that is what we tend to do.

Why did you decide to release Gonzo as a free album?
Because receiving a gift is cooler than being sold a product.

What’s the best advice you’ve been given as a band?
To trust ourselves and work hard.

What are some awesome up and coming bands we should be checking out?
Larry and his Flask are amazing! Everyone should listen to them.

Finally, what’s next?
We are going to write and record an entire album completely naked.

Many thanks to Daisy for taking the time to chat to us. Gonzo is available now via:



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