The Owls - Own The Streets [EP]

Reviewed by Meghan Player

It’s been two years between releases for the Owls, but it seems that time away from recording has only been for the better, with the recent release of their new EP, Own The Streets – certainly being worth the wait.

Ocean is the perfect introduction to the EP, and the band itself – serenading your eardrums with so much swagger you begin to feel weak at the knees. It’s this heavy blues rock that demands and keeps your attention from the get-go, dragging you down into its sweet, sweet melodic embrace.

Krakow sets the swagger packing, with its fresh-faced, surf-rock swing that is immediately infectious. Although winter may be in full-swing in Australia, the track embodies the warmth of the summer sun, making you want to jump in your car and road trip along the East Coast.

Not to be outdone, Bad Side (Electrify) broods with some gloriously moody rock – highlighted by the bands casual step towards psychedelic rock. Certainly, this is the track that demonstrates the bands ability to switch between styles and melody with ease, without losing sight of their collective persona.

Title track Own The Streets, sees a hint of swagger return to the EP – albeit to a slightly sedate, simple melody. It works astoundingly well amongst the high-octane rock explosion of the previous tracks, allowing you to fully appreciate the depth and versatility that the band possess.

So High wins you over before the track even really kicks off, the crunching guitar riff perfectly complimented by front-man Joshua Bailey‘s howling vocals. The psychedelia of Bad Side returns with this track, seamlessly weaved into the overall mesmerizing melody. It’s as the band launch into the bridge and the final chorus that the sound nearly explodes out of your speakers; the band turning up the tension for the upcoming finale.

As far as final tracks go, Stole The Sunlight is the perfect summation of its predecessors. Its melody is infectious, warm and makes you think of long summer days, whilst showcasing the bands tight-as-all-hell performance – perhaps the only disappointing moment being that it is the end of the EP.

Without a doubt, The Owls have produced a tough as nails EP that shows a bright and promising future for the Newcastle natives. It’s punchy, it’s infectious and it only leaves you wanting more. I honestly cannot wait to see what they do next.


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