Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Reviewed by Jade Daly

Indie rockers Clap Your Hands Say Yeah have a pretty impressive back catalog. With four LP’s sitting comfortably beneath their [ever expanding] belt it’s easy to see why their newest release, Only Run is such a hit with the masses.

Opening track As Always sets the pace for an impressive forty minutes of smooth, mesmerizing, electro rock. The hauntingly beautiful Blameless is second on the list and is definitive proof that the bands unique sound simply demands attention.

Little Moments picks up the pace with a catchy opening riff that might just rival The Who’s very own Baba O’Riley; a deeply emotive song that stays with you long after the record has ended.

Title track Only Run has the incredible ability to fill an entire space with good vibrations. Whether you’re in a bathroom stall or an auditorium, this song will find you, and it will make you feel things, a trait that is reflected within the bands work as a whole.

Vocally, Beyond Illusion and Impossible Request are a soul-stirring duo – a duo that would be entirely at home in a dark and smoky room. Two equally captivating tracks that are personal favorites ( I just couldn’t narrow it down …)  give the record both depth and a sense of affinity.

Closing track Cover Up is the perfect goodbye song, easy-going and mellow, it is without a doubt the perfect example of a record that is truly brilliant from start to finish.

It’s easy to see just how far Clap Your Hands Say Yeah have come since the release of their 2011 album Hysterical and all I can say is that I genuinely look forward to seeing what the future may hold for them (another awesome album maybe…?)



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