Credit: Derek Bremner

It’s been a long time coming, but hardcore punks Gallows have today announced they are set to return with a brand new single.

Chains, which is due for release on July 4th – is yet another step forward for a band who, since their inception in 2005, have never rested on their laurels or stayed still.

It’s been a quiet year so far for us all as we’ve been busy on new adventures and projects but when we got together in February it was shocking how quickly ideas were flowing.” explains guitarist Laurent Barnard.

The song ‘Chains’ came together really quickly,” states Barnard. “It started off with one riff and by the end of the day it was recorded. We did it all live too like we were making a garage punk record. My friend Helena who sings in a great band called Dios Mio happened to be in the studio that day so she came in and added some vocals and textures, which brought a very haunting element of the track. It’s very different but still very dark which is what Gallows is all about.

While the band haven’t revealed any details surrounding a new album, they haven’t discounted that there is something in the works:

We are working on more material in the summer so keep your eyes out for more Gallows news coming soon.”



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