In preparation for the release of their new EP, Your Round – we sat down with Revellers bassist, Aaron Gaffney to talk about touring, red cordial and melodic punk tunes.

By Meghan Player


Hey Aaron – how are you?
Very well thanks! Though starting to freeze our collective nads off in this wintery old town!

You’ve recently released your new single – Front & Centre – to the masses, how have fans been reacting to it?
We’ve been stoked with the response that song has had so far. The song means a lot to us, and at the same time it is us at our most energetic. It was also one of those songs that kinda just came out of nowhere just a few weeks before we were due to record, so it stills fresh for us too. Now we just throw ourselves into it every time it comes up on the setlist!

The single is also a taste of your upcoming EP – Your Round. Are you looking forward to that one being released?
For sure, mate. We’ve put a lot of work into really making this something rad, and so it’s going to be great to get it out to everyone’s ears. Very stoked with how it’s come out, from the amazing talents of illustrator Annie Walter deciphering our demented ideas, to the brilliant punchy mixing of The Blasting Room. And let’s not forget to mention how fun and relaxed the recording process was with our mate Adam Jordan at Main Street Studios.

Your Round will be your second EP to date – do you think the band has changed since your debut release?
I think we’ve started to put a bit more work into our songs since last time – there’s a bit more dynamics going on now as well. But the way we write the songs hasn’t changed. They mostly start off as a recorded jam session, which we then pick our favourite flukes from – then we develop them into songs! Apart from that, Dave finally got pubes this year.

How does the new EP compare to your debut?
I think it’s definitely a lot more in-your-face this time around! It’s probably a bit darker and heavy sounding in parts too. Jason Livermore (Rise Against/Descendents/NOFX) at The Blasting Room really brought it up to scratch and gave it the hard-hitting live feel that it needed! Also this time we’ve definitely written about a wider range of things – touching on themes of seasickness, anger, reflection, growing up and the daily grind.

Do you have any plans to release an LP at some stage in the future?
Who knows? Possibly! Man it’d be a cool thing to do, but it’s hard to think about that at the moment while we get ourselves organized for this release! We like the idea of EPs and small releases though, as they can happen a bit more regularly than LPs, and we tend to always have new songs in the works. So it works better for us this way. Well at least for the moment!

The release of the EP will coincide with a bunch of tour dates throughout June and July – with your first show last week in Sydney – are you keen to get back on the road again?
Yep. It’s going to be great catching up with our mates in some of these places, and make a whole bunch more in other places. Especially this time we get to take in some places we’ve never been before, like Perth and Newcastle! Also, in August we’re heading over to New Zealand for a bunch of shows which we’re really excited about.

Do you think the tracks from the new EP are finding/will find new life when you play them live to your fans?
Hmm..the trick to this will be to stick with drinking red cordial before we go on, instead of beer. This will be hard though, as we’re touring with Nerdlinger, and I’ve heard they just prefer diet cordial. But in all seriousness (hang on…what’s that?), we’ve been loving playing the new stuff live, especially since three of the EP’s songs (Front And Centre, Messed Up Times and Your Round) hadn’t been played live at all before we recorded them!

What can people expect from your live gigs?
An energetic show filled with melodic punk tunes supplemented with awkward banter (mostly from me). You could probably also expect Ando to drink a beer from some random’s shoe. Afterwards we can all carry on, throw some tunes on, get a guitar out, and have a good ole’ shindig!

Finally, how would you convince people to buy your EP and head along to one [or all] of the upcoming shows?
Because we’ll be your new favourite band! Or new most hated band…depending on what floats your boat. Either way we cannot wait to get to your town and play the shit out of these songs!

Many thanks to Aaron for taking the time to chat with us. Your Round is due for release on June 19th.


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