My Echo

Reviewed by Meghan Player

There’s always a certain amount of risk present when a band takes time away from recording. Fans can lose interest and move onto another band. The band can lose the impact and momentum that was part of their previous release. Or sometimes bands will call it quits altogether. Not so it seems for Melbourne four-piece, My Echo and their superb self-titled EP.

2011 was the last time the band released an EP, with a huge amount of touring (and a lineup change), filling the time in between releases. But it seems the time away from recording has only been a positive for the band, with the new 6-track collection arguably their best effort to date.

Wasting no time in grabbing your attention, Lonesome City kicks off the EP with so much rockabilly swing and rock ‘n’ roll swagger, you’d be forgiven for jumping out of your chair and dancing like a fool. The infectious melody weaves itself seamlessly into the ferocity of punk rock, in-your-face vocals – creating a track that brims with honesty.

Black Water Fever drums up that 90s, early Living End, kind of vibe – think Prisoner Of Society – while never-failing to keep the good times and rhythms going. However, it’s when that chorus kicks in the band really shines – gang vocals, sing-a-long lyrics and a track you’ll keep humming long after it’s over.

Switching melodies – but losing none of the attitude – The Insincere keeps the EP moving at a glorious pace, whilst Small Town Riot practices exactly what it preaches; giving you the opportunity to punch-your-fist in the air with the each chorus and gang-vocal shout.

Veins begins in a rock-ballad style, bringing the melody and intensity down a notch – but never straying from the bands core persona. Once again, it’s the chorus that holds limitless appeal; giving you another opportunity to sing-a-long with every word.

Going out with a bang, the fittingly titled Bang Bang Bang is the perfect ending to an ambitious and enjoyable EP – the only downside being that you’re certainly left wanting more.

Overall, My Echo’s self-titled EP is impressive. Very impressive, indeed. It’s brutally honest, infectious and has enough rock swagger to put a lot of seasoned acts to shame. Without a doubt, this is one of the best releases you’ll hear this year.



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