Reviewed by Meghan Player

Just when I think I’m getting too old to be listening to punk/garage rock, a new band comes along that sparks my interest in the scene once again. Case in point, Finnish four-piece: Van Dammes and their debut, 4-track EP.

Keeping the punk rock/garage tradition alive, [Let’s] Go amps the listener up in an infectious, 1 minute 34 second romp. Much like the Ramones created with their cry of “Hey Ho, Let’s Go!” during Blitzkrieg Bop – the track keeps you engaged, whilst only giving you a small taste of what is to come.

Daniel is where the first glimmer of the bands personality shows through – with an unquestionable nod to the melody and delivery of the Ramones. The distorted bass line is where the heart of the track lies, thudding along in an infectious wave of melody.

Once again, it’s the simplicity of the track that makes the greatest impact – not once giving into fluffy or pretentious guitar solos or predictable breakdowns. It’s straight-up and to the point, representing a band that isn’t afraid to make music honestly.

As those killer bass lines leak into the following track Lisbon, I Promise You – you’d be forgiven in thinking it’s a double-up on the previous melody. That’s all before the chorus sweeps you up in its wonderful embrace.

Final track Sexy Apartment, is easily the strongest on the EP – showcasing the bands slightly off-centre, seemingly tongue-in-cheek, distorted rock and roll style, that makes you feel all warm and happy with each note.

Clocking in at just under 3 minutes, the track is the longest on the EP, but not painstakingly so. It’s distorted, it’s fun and it only makes you want to hear more.

Overall, this is an impressive debut from the Van Dammes. Their infectious garage-rock is enough to warm any heart, and certainly shows not only the bands character, but the promising path they are on for future releases.

Keep an eye on these dudes.

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