Mad Caddies

Reviewed by Jade Daly

So, the legendary Mad Caddies recently released their latest record Dirty Rice, and after two decades doing what it is they do best, it’s become sort of obvious that their best just keeps on getting better. Now let me start out by saying there are a bunch of things that make me smile; ice cream, the odd day when the sun decides to show its face, my awesome friends, tasty cocktails and macaroni cheese; the list is pretty much endless. Yet there’s nothing that makes me smile quite as much as a damn good bouncing horn section.

Opening track Brand New Scar is smooth, and in its own right, sort of charming too. The perfect sunny opening for such a versatile album, this song hints at undertones of old school jazz and despite its sluggish beat, it basically leaves you begging for more.  Love Myself is the definition of a hard and fast punk riff at its finest, whilst Shoot Out The Lights stays true to its name with some truly epic horns and unforgettably catchy beats.

NOFX vocalist and label founder Fat Mike lent a helping hand when it came down to the final production of Dirty Rice, and it’s easy to see where his influence plays into the album. Bring It Down’s opening riff; a fast paced, punk ass song (with horns thrown in, just for good measure – what’s not to love?) would fit nicely into an old school NOFX set list.

Callie’s Song keeps things fresh with an electro reggae feel. It’s a chilled out contrast to some of the heavier songs on the record (and it’s the perfect break because this album definitely keeps you on your toes…) Back To The Bed is a personal favourite. Vocally it’s unbelievably catchy and the chorus will no doubt be floating around in my mind for days to come, but to be honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Closing track Drinking The Night Away, is the perfect ending to a fantastic album. It’s proof that the Mad Caddies don’t need labels or genres to play great music, they just play what sounds right and it works. Dirty Rice is fun and catchy. It has something for you, your mum and probably your mum’s cat too. It is most definitely worth checking out.




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