The LaFontainesThey’ve been called ‘The Best Band in Scotland‘, infused hip-hop with pop-rock and had an argument with Daniel Craig – but one thing is certain, The LaFontaines are never boring. During their recent tour with Bad Rabbits, we sat down with Darren McCaughey and John Gerard to talk about Under The Storm, hip-hop influences and world tours

.By Meghan Player

Hey lads – how are you?

Very well thank you!You’re in the middle of a tour at the moment with Bad Rabbits – how has it been going so far?
It has been one of the most enjoyable tours we have ever  been a part of. It makes a massive difference when the other band are on the same page as you.

How are you keeping the momentum going throughout the tour?
In the past we would over indulge on day one, but now we gradually build up towards the end of the tour and treat ourselves to some jars at the end. We are now the best behaved band in Britain.

The tour coincided with the release of your new single, Under The Storm – which has received a great response so far. Are you happy with the way it’s been received?
The response so far has exceeded all of our expectations. This week it was the highest new entry to the Official Rock Singles Chart and reached number 17 on the Official Independent Singles Chart. That’s pretty great for our second single release!

I’ve heard that you’ve been playing tracks from your “upcoming debut album” during the BR tour – can you tell us anything about the album? What to expect? When will it be released?
We have spent the first half of this year figuring out what we want and don’t want on the album in terms of production and overall feel of the album. We hope to have it out in the last quarter of this year. We’re really excited about the new material – it has a more ‘grown up’ LaFontaines feel to it.

Your sound is quite unique – blending hip-hop and pop, with guitar rock – what inspired you to “infuse” these elements?
Nothing inspired us at all really. We all came from different musical backgrounds and this happens to be the end result. We have always encouraged everyone to play what they enjoy individually until it all comes together. It’s a case of 5 people with very different tastes coming together to produce one sound.

Since the band started in 2010, have you found that your influences or sound experimentation has changed?
The musical influences of the band haven’t drastically changed over years, but being on tour extensively has developed our working knowledge of what hits home with fans regardless of genre.

Is there a style or sound that you haven’t tried or would like to incorporate into a future release?
We have never worked in subtleties. Everything we do is bold and upfront and will remain so for the foreseeable future. I can’t see us dabbling in folk any time soon.

You’ve also recently been announced on the lineup for T in the Park – are you looking forward to that one?
Absolutely! It’s always great to come back to play at our home festival. We have always held it in high regard and are looking forward to playing for the 3rd time – we headlined the BBC Introducing Stage last year and this will be our biggest appearance to date, so that’s pretty great.

With the growing support and fan base, do you think you’ll travel abroad to tour shortly?
We have just returned from a trip to New York where we played our first headline shows out there. The experience was amazing and we are looking forward to getting over to Europe and further afield soon in order to gain a different perspective – stay tuned for news!

After this current tour, what‘s next for the band?
Finishing and finalising tracks for our debut album and a string of festival dates around the UK; as well as some great support slots with the likes of Tonight Alive and Aer.

Finally, how would you describe the band to someone who hadn’t listened to you before?
There’s no point in listing genres as it never sounds great. We’re a fun party band with pop hooks, guitars and straight up rap.

Many thanks to Darren and John for taking the time to chat to us. You can keep up-to-date with the LaFontaines and their upcoming tour dates at:

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