My Echo

Since their birth in late 2011, My Echo have continued on their persistent climb up the mountain that is the Australian music scene. Having released their new EP mere days ago, we sat down with guitarist Darcy Carter to chat about inspirations, the writing process and heading out on tour.

By Meghan Player

Hi Darcy! How are you?
We are most excellent. Thank you for asking.

Happy release day for your new EP – are you excited to see it out there and in the hands of your fans?
Yes, we are completely stoked! We are so proud of this EP and the songs it holds.

It’s a cracking little EP too – short, sharp, to-the-point and with no bullshit – was that what you were hoping for when you starting writing it?
The four of us grew up listening to punk music. It is honest and it is simple but it is what we love. So our song writing obviously feeds from those influences.

There is also a great level of honesty within the lyrics as well – were the songs written from personal experience? Definitely! We all go through good and bad experiences in life, things that provoke different emotions and feelings, so what better thing to write about.

This is your first release since your debut in 2011, how have you been occupying your time between releases?
Well we lost a member in 2012, which is where Tom came in to the picture. We took some time off and focused on writing new music and getting everything 110% with him. We did a couple of tours in between with some great bands, and then focused on the recording process of this EP.

Did the time between recordings allow you the chance to get a fresh perspective when writing/recording the new EP?
Tom is an incredible musician. The type of guy that can get in front of any instrument and play something great. So when we began writing with him all these fresh and new ideas came about. It was a really exciting process for us all and definitely provided new life to the band.

Do you think the band has changed since your 2011 debut?
I think our fundamentals are still there, but like most bands, we have just matured. You pick up new ideas along the way and learn from new people and experiences which you put back in to the band. And the song writing becomes more confident.

Hadyn Buxton produced the new EP – who has done some incredible things with Trial Kennedy over the years – how much did he shape the way the EP ended up sounding?
He is just a complete wizard behind the desk. We had already formed a relationship with Hads while on tour with Trial Kennedy, so we knew what he was about and what he could do. It only took one quick conversation and we knew he was the right guy. It was his idea for us to record live to tape. He had it all planned out already. And the experience was just amazing!

You’re heading out on tour in support of the EP – taking in a bunch of places along the way – are you looking forward to hitting the road again?
Being on tour is our favorite thing about being in a band. Playing live is where we all feel at home. We can’t wait to get out there and catch up with old friends while playing some amazing venues around the country. And we always know we will leave having made a stack of new friends as well!

Of course, you’ve toured previously with the likes of Bodyjar, Shihad, Trial Kennedy – did you find you learnt new things on each of those tours? Was there a piece of advice any of the bands offered you that has stuck with you over the years?
Playing under bands like that is always a great way to learn. You can see how they conduct themselves not only as musicians, but also on the business side of it all. Stacey from Trial Kennedy was definitely someone who helped us get to where we are today. We are honored that he is a big supporter of what we do and he has always told us to just be ourselves.

Finally, what are you hoping fans take away from your EP?
If people are able to connect to the songs in one way or another we would be so happy. If it gets them down to a show then we will be ecstatic!

Many thanks to Darcy for taking the time to chat to us. You can keep up-to-date with My Echo via:




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