Supported by The Front Bottoms + Saves The Day

By Jade Daly

Last week I was lucky enough to see Brand New for the fifth time after a spur of the moment decision to travel to the Barrowlands in Glasgow. The line up was definitely one for the books, and judging by the encouraging early attendance, it was a unanimous feeling among everyone that made it out that night.

The Front Bottoms opened the show, and in typical fashion – rallied the crowd with their electro indie sound. A mid a slur of burp jokes and anecdotes they played an awesome mix of songs from their self titled album and their latest release Talon Of The Hawk.

Saves The Day blasted through a set of old favourites and were the perfect support for an already established band like Brand New. A huge chunk of the audience were clearly there to see them, and they made full use of the spring-loaded dance floor that the Barrowlands is so well-known for.

Brand New hit the stage around 9:30pm opening up the night with The Shower Scene. The crowd jump on board immediately for the heavy rager from the band’s 2001 debut album Your Favourite Weapon, and it was clear from the outset that it was going to be a night to remember.  One of the best things about Brand New shows is the unity that exists between the fans, and this was evident as the band slipped into the sensual opening riff for Sic Transit Gloria. Hearing a room full of people taking it upon themselves to act as the backing vocals for such a legendary band will never get old; Up the stairs, the station where, the act becomes the art of growing up.

It was around this point in the set, that the band slipped into a Daisy coma. Sink, You Stole and At The Bottom had people swaying from side to side, whilst lightly tapping their toes. It wasn’t until the sweet opening lines to Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don’t played out across the stage that the crowd truly awakened. Seventy Times Seven will always be a personal favourite and in typical fashion it riled up the entire room for three minutes of hurtful lyrics, jumping up and down and a hell of a lot of finger-pointing.

The set ended with a number of favourites from The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me – Limousine being a welcome surprise and the night just wouldn’t have felt the same without the whispy vocals that belong to Jesus Christ.

Brand New have an untouchable discography and overall I think the show was fantastic; whatever they choose to play will always be greeted with gasps and smiles, yet I can’t help but feel they could have mixed things up just a little bit more. There are definitely some songs that are more suited to that of a darkened bedroom, than on stage in front of one hundred plus people, because Brand New have that incredibly intimate sound. I would have preferred to have heard a few of the old favourites, yet I can’t help but feel incredibly grateful that the band returned to the UK once more, and that’s definitely enough for me.



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