Dieter Jackson

Reviewed by Bec Hennessy

I don’t know much about these German guys (I don’t read German, unfortunately), but I do know they’ve got some well crafted, catchy punk tunes here that speak for themselves. It’s to the point, pop punk ala Ramones that feels honest and fresh.

Worst Case Scenario is a burst of Rock ‘n’ Roll that sounds like it was brewed in a garage of teenagers, then polished to perfection. I first fall for the band’s vocals on Wake Up; that kind of nasal talk-singing I love in Page Hamilton, or more commonly known to be mumbled by Joey Ramone – grumbling and delicate. A delicate grumbling love song, if you will; driven by punk rocks usual frenetic pace.

Go Commado is exactly what you think it is – a romantic entreaty to forsake one’s under garments. For all it makes me snicker, it’s catchy and sexy in an immature way that appeals to me –  sweet, cheesy, awesome guitar solo included.

Big Bad Heart has sweet ‘oohs’  and a rockabilly twang to them there guitars. Backed by the defiant lovers boast of  ‘..I know, I know you can’t get rid of me. I know, I know that’s how it’s gonna be…’. ‘

I could wax lyrical about each track being a perfectly-timed pop-punk gem, but all you need to know is the catchy pop hooks, punk tempos and injections of straight up rock n roll might are shiny, yet gritty.

The band sum themselves up as “Classical NO-bullshit-NO-toughguy-4-piece-of-shit punkrock/rock’n’roll-band with an unpleasant liability to playing solos” and that’s pretty much it. Except the solos are pleasant. And they could have more of them if they wanted, though I’m happy as is.



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