Reviewed by Meghan Player

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love Swedish punk. Adding to my growing collection of releases comes The T-55’s, and their debut EP Power Up.

The frenzied, punk glory of As Dead As Religion opens the EP up in blistering style. ‘…When every fact’s been crucified/and all our rights have been denied..‘ front woman Lisa Linder growls, spitting ferocious venom with each word; as the tight as hell rhythms blast out of your speakers.

Fire In The Hole continues the chaos, with guttural growls and gang vocals creating the perfect ‘punch-your-fist-in-the-air’ anthem. Once again, it’s the melody that keeps the EP interesting, never dropping the intensity that defines the bands core sound and style.

Perhaps the greatest indication of the bands message comes via title track, Power Up – an devilishly simple track that drums up images of dirty, sweaty, punk gigs that practically explode the minute the music starts. From the heavy, thunderous bass line from Eric Klingvall, to the fast-as-fuck fretwork from maestro Karl Backman – the band belt out a track that is impossible not incite a riot.

It’s as Government [Gotta Get Out] starts, and Linden belts out ‘…most of you are fucked…‘ [accompanied by some thrashing skin work from drummer Elias Jonsson], that the sheer force of this little EP comes full-circle. The track is loud, ferocious and downright rad.

Certainly, Power Up is a force to be reckoned with. It’s in-your-face, takes no prisoners and certainly makes no apologies for its opinions.

Take my advice, you need to hear this EP today.



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