Reviewed by Adam Smith

It’s been a tumultuous few years for Architects. They alienated their core fanbase by flirting with post-hardcore on 2011’s The Here and Now and lost a guitarist just weeks before the release of their follow-up, Daybreaker. Back as a four-piece, the Brighton metallers are back, rejuvenated and seem in a better place than they have been for years, both personally and musically.

Gravedigger opens the album with a tornado of technical riffs and piercing screams, packing a punch that has been largely missing since their much-coveted 2009 opus, Hollow CrownDaybreaker upped the ante from its comparatively timid predecessor, but Lost Forever//Lost Together is a completely different beast.

Naysayer is the perfect representation of the bands new, uncompromising sound, battering the listener with stunning musicianship at a relentlessly heavy pace. Everything has been upped a notch. Sam Carter‘s vocals sound simply frenetic and he gets the balance between screaming and melody just right.

What separates Architects from many other bands in their scene is their musical ability and they don’t disappoint here. Broken Cross sounds like an infuriated Periphery after their alarm goes off 3 hours early, while C.A.N.C.E.R is sure to leave regular listeners with a mosh-induced headache as musicians envy the extraordinary recorded talent.

The Devil Is Near is one of the true highlights of the album, conveying the band’s political messages explicitly in a hurricane of riffs and breakdowns. If you’ve followed the band’s beliefs, you’ll appreciate how they can put across their message while inadvertently persuading you to protest animal cruelty with circle pits.

Despite being awkward to type, Lost Forever // Lost Together is a triumph. Architects are one of the most exciting metal bands in the world right now.


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