Over the last twelve months, Sydney’s Born Lion have been a band on the rise – thanks to their energetic live shows and infectious rock and roll tunes. During their latest tour in support of Good Times Jimmy, we sat down for a quick chat with Nathan Mulholland to talk about touring, writing an LP and supporting the Hives.

By Meghan Player

You had a massive 2013 – especially with the release of D for Danger – do you have a highlight from last year?
Probably our set at Big Sound. To have that many friends in the one tiny little room (The Lazys, Gay Paris, The Sinking Teeth, Release The Hounds, Clowns, The Mercy Beat) going crazy was amazing.

You also managed to start the year in impressive style, by supporting the Hives in Melbourne – what was that experience like?
Unexpectedly scary. We were made to feel really comfortable and had so much time to get our shit together. Which just resulted in me thinking it over a little too much and getting nervous. The Hives were super nice guys to us though.

You’ve also released both a new single and video within the last couple of weeks, which are earning a lot of praise – are you stoked with how well Good Times Jimmy is being received?
Of course we are. With Danger doing so well, I was a little scared that Jimmy wouldn’t be taken to so quickly by people. But it’s been great, especially the part where people help us with the chorus.

Obviously, with so much happening for the band – I have to ask about a full-length album, is there something in the works at the moment?
Sort of. We’re definitely writing a lot of material, and we did some demos a couple of weeks ago and we’re really pleased with how they turned out. We’re trying to get our shit together to get an album put together. Watch this space.

You’ve released an EP previously – do you think that your song writing or recording will change when you decide to record an LP instead?
The recording process won’t. We’re very happy with the working relationship we have with our producer, Dave Hammer. He’s almost a fifth member. The writing has changed a little. I wasn’t even in the band when the bulk of the EP was written. When you add members, dynamics change, song writing changes.

What I’ve noticed through seeing yourselves live and listening to your EP is that you replicate the same amount of energy across both – how do you capture that live energy and sound for a record?
That’s one of our producer’s secrets. A lot of it has to do with how good a drummer Dave is, and how great John’s voice is live. I kinda feel like a lot of records are ruined by the drumming being so boxed in with click tracks and a military devotion to the BPM. Dave is spot on with his tempos, but he’s just that good that he can get plenty of feel into his drum tracks while being a rock.

It’s definitely an exciting time for the local music scene, with so many acts absolutely killing it at the moment – are there any bands that have caught your eye recently that you think we should check out?
This is tough. Without copping out, it’s tough because I know I’ll miss someone. Big ups to: The Sinking Teeth, Gay Paris, Strangers, Fait Accompli, Grenadiers, Katnip, The Dead Love, Captives, Super Best Friends, The Lazys, Release The Hounds, The Mercy Beat, Oslow, The Bennies. Sorry if I missed anyone.

Many thanks to Nathan for taking the time to chat to us. To keep up-to-date with Born Lion tour dates and new music, head to:

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