Reviewed by Meghan Player

It’s always rad to be exposed to new music, especially from the unsigned scene. Locally, there have been some premium acts, producing some of the best music I’ve heard in recent years, breathing life into the promising Australian music scene.
Such is the case for Lizard Man, and their debut [self-titled] EP, which was released last year.

Opening with Can’t Take The Fight, the band produce an almost effortless melody of rippling guitars that draw you into the EP’s soundscape. While the style and technique may not be revolutionary, or unlike anything you’ve heard before, it is the promise and potential that the band show from the get-go that keeps you listening.

Don’t Know Why follows much the same formula, generating a slow build of rising melody, before the chorus sweeps you up into a sea of melancholy. Spirals sees the band move out of their comfort zone, with the final bridge and chorus breaking down the reserved control that seems to dominate the previous tracks.

However, the ‘loss of control’ seems to dwindle, as the band launch into their two-part finale [Eclipse – Part One/Part Two] – with a lo-fi ballad rocking you gently towards the end. While the tracks certainly hold their own, they feel slightly out-of-place with its predecessors vigour and energy.

Ultimately, Lizard Man’s EP is a solid debut. The band, and their sound, show a level of promise; a spark of potential that could see them take melodic rock to the next level – and that will certainly keep me listening.


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