Rocket From The Crypt

Supported by Mutemath & Rocket From The Crypt

By Meghan Player

As the Sydney sidewave week starts to draw to a close, it seems only appropriate that the night be filled with a pretty magical triple-billing at the HiFi.

Mutemath begin tonight’s entertainment, offering a unique blend of electro, synth-rock, complete with epic keytar action. Whilst the band play to a seemingly sedate crowd, it doesn’t dampen their enthusiasm – with frontman Paul Meany using any opportunity he can to leap from the stage and onto the crowd barrier.

Unfortunately, the commonly used inflatable raft doesn’t make an appearance tonight, but an impromptu drum solo by Darren King – with audience members physically holding the drums up whilst he beats the living hell out of them – is certainly a welcomed sight.

Kicking the evening into overdrive, Rocket From The Crypt absolutely blow my, and many others, minds. They’re energetic, cheeky and unapologetically loud – working the growing crowd into a steady stream of moving and shaking.

It’s by the time headliners Eagles Of Death Metal take to the stage, that the crowd is well and truly ready to dance like there is no tomorrow.

Frontman, and genuine lady-killer, Jesse Hughes swaggers onto the stage with a red satin cape draped over his shoulders – and it’s from this moment, that it is impossible to think there is a frontman alive that can match Hughes’ level of coolness.

Kicking off the evening with the electrifying and dance-frenzy starter I Only Want You, the bands set is dominated by tracks that are a sure-fire way to keep the audience moving. All night.

Cherry Cola, So Easy, English Girl and Kiss The Devil all make the epic setlist  – with the band churning out some seriously tight guitar licks that sees one audience member throw their underwear onstage.

An audience request of Midnight Creeper sees the track make a welcome addition, however it’s closer Speak In Tongues that ultimately blows the venue and my eardrums to pieces. The sound erupts out of the speakers, the room shakes with reckless abandon, and you really begin to realise how much of a good time tonight has been.

Truth be known, I wouldn’t hate to see this lineup repeated again in the future, and judging by endless stream of smiling punters that leave the venue tonight, most people wouldn’t hate that either.


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