By Meghan Player

It feels like forever since I last stepped into a dark, slightly seedy venue to catch a band [excluding seeing Green Day at an old man pub the night before], so tonight’s visit to The Square was a welcome return to form.

Born Lion are definitely one of the most exciting acts kicking it on the local scene at the moment. Since officially forming in 2012, they have been causing a stir in the underground pubs and clubs around the country – and tonight they once again proved why.

The bands blend of rock and infectious pop punk is immediately attention-grabbing, as they launch into D for Danger to begin tonight’s set. While there are bands out there that lack the intensity and aggression in their live set – Born Lion never seem to have that problem, replicating [if not doubling] the level of sound that makes their recordings explode in the live setting.

Tonight was clearly all about the bands latest single Good Times Jimmy – and certainly it was the crowd favourite – with punters throwing themselves around the room, as vocalist John Bowker ducked and weaved back and forth between the crowd and stage.

Perhaps the best takeaway from tonight’s set is just how tight Born Lion are.  The band is completely at home on stage, working together like a well-oiled machine; which only sees them getting better each time they play.

Without a doubt, there are definitely bigger things on the horizon for these lads, so you best start listening to them now.


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