photo_bw1 copy-1Introduce yourself and your music:
Hello there, we’re The Floodgates – made up of Martin singing on guitar, Eden on piano and backing vocals, Alex on the drums and cajon, and Tim on the bass.How would you describe your sound and lyric style? Our sound has changed quite a lot lately. Originally we were a very acoustic folk duo, but with the addition of the keys and percussion, we’ve become a little more upbeat, with rather rocky vibes. Our lyrics are, for the most part, based on personal experiences. There’s a lot of different themes you can draw out just from being teenagers.

Who are your main influences? I guess one of the reasons we’ve worked quite well together so far, is because we all have very contrasting, yet mixable music tastes. At the moment our main influences stretch from acts like Mumford and Sons, Nina Simone and Tom Odell to George Ezra, Jamie Cullum and Hozier. The real attraction for us is how great a band is live. There’s something really special about live shows, especially when the music is so passionate and raw that the musicians get a chance to have a bit of fun too.

What are you working on now? At the moment we’re fine tuning our EP and building up to its British Spring release. We’re also playing a growing amount of gigs around the South East of the UK, more due to love of playing, rather than promoting. We’re in the final run up to releasing our single ‘God Knows’ on Sunday 16th February and we’re literally always writing new material. Plus we’re doing our A Levels. Which is fun.

Are you touring now? Not just yet, we’re opening and headlining more venues than we can count at the moment. However, we are planning a small tour around the UK in the Summer, along with a cluster of festivals.

What can people expect at your live gigs? Live gigs are when we’re in our prime. As the songs are all rather close to our hearts, being the results of moments in our lives, we definitely give our shows some emotion. On top of this, there really is a fantastic rush to playing gigs. We want to thank and make a connection with people who come to see us, rather than labelling them as the audience and us as the act. When we’re all having a dance and sing together, that’s the reason we started music.

Where can people check out your music? Our debut single ‘God Knows’ is out February 16th and will be available as a free download on Bandcamp/Soundcloud. Our EP will be available as a physical and digital copy on iTunes in the (British) Spring 2014.

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