Adding to numerous bands on the Brisbane music scene making a national splash right now are smooth-as-hell indie rockers Major Leagues. They released their EP Weird Season last year and took it out on the road supporting the über cool Jeremy Neale. Now set to head out once again a national headline tour bringing you the EP favourites and some new material, we sat down for a chat with Anna Davidson to talk about their love for Aussie bands and meeting on the set of the Saddle Club.

By Jemma Nott

You’re setting off on your national EP tour. Are you excited to be back on the road?
Definitely. We’re super excited to play with The Ocean Party, Gunns, and a heap of other great bands. We’ll also be playing quite a bit of new material, so it will be fun to road-test and get some feedback before we record again.What are you anticipating this time around?
We’ve never headlined a tour before, so it’s hard to know what to expect. I’m just hoping at least five people turn up to each show, and that we can afford to eat more than maccas soft-serve cones for dinner!

You’ll be playing with some great support acts. Are you excited to have them on the tour as well?
Yes! We have been listening to The Ocean Party a heap, and are completely overwhelmed by how talented they all are (there’s like a million of them). Also, they are really lovely guys, which is pretty important. We’re also excited to have our Brisbane buddies, The Good Sports along for the Queensland shows.

Did you get a chance to road test this EP when you played with Jeremy Neale or will this be the first time?
Yep, we were already playing all the songs from the EP during the tour with Jeremy, it’s the even newer material that we’ll be road testing this time round.

What were you all doing on the Saddle Club set when you first met?
Jaimee and I were all horse training apprentices, Vlada was a stunt double for Lisa, and Jake was doing hair and makeup.

Did you guys have the Saddle Club theme song stuck in your head as much as I did as a tween (a lot)?
All the time, and still.

Who were you guys listening to at the time? Did you aspire to be like any band in particular?
We all have different tastes, but still find particular bands that we are similarly in love with. I guess when we started out that was like MBV, The Breeders, and Pavement. None of us had this idea in our heads that we had to sound like one of those bands though, our sound came pretty naturally through writing and jamming and finding a sound that all of us could settle on. It’s something that is always changing and progressing though, our band is still very much in its early stages.

Last year was a killer year for you guys. How much did you anticipate and how much of it took you by surprise?
It was all a surprise. We were definitely lucky in receiving so much support from so many lovely people, which allowed us to get some really great shows, and release the singles and EP.

Endless Drain has received the most love on the radio. Is there a story behind it?
The narrative itself is pretty straightforward. It’s basically about a shitty breakup, where you know it has to end because you have both become horrible people around each other. You still love the other person, or at least the idea of them, or what they used to be, but you just can’t be around them anymore.

There’s been a bit of a comeback lately with 70’s and early 90’s chilled out beach rock. Were you guys deliberately aiming to ride that wave (pun intended) or was this just the sound that felt most natural?
No, it wasn’t deliberate. I guess the Brisbane climate encourages that kind of sound though. We were also pretty influenced by Jeremy Neale’s other band Velociraptor from when we where all just starting to go to shows, they play chaotic, surf/garage rock, so that also probably played a big role.

What’s after this tour? Just chilling out or back in the studio?
We’ll probably be back in the studio quite soon after tour. Jamiee and I have been writing a lot, so we’ll be pretty keen to get at least some of it recorded.

You guys were just playing with Cub Sport. What other Aussie bands would you most want to play with?
Blank Realm (we are playing with them supporting one of our favourite bands ever, Sebadoh in March!), The Stevens, Twerps, Dick Diver, Boomgates, Scott and Charlene’s Wedding, Courtney Barnett, Bitch Prefect, Palms, and Bored Nothing.

Many thanks to Anna for taking the time to chat to us. You can check out the upcoming tour dates for Major Leagues at:


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