In 2008, Push To Fire were introduced to a young band on the rise called, You Me At Six. Fresh-faced and ready to take on the world, the band set about making that dream a reality – releasing three unique albums, touring across the globe and creating a solid fan base in the process. Three years since their last release, Sinners Never Sleep, the band are set to return with new album Cavalier Youth. During their Australian tour earlier this month, we sat down with drummer Dan Flint to chat about touring, recording and beginning a new chapter.

By Meghan Player

“We are really pleased with the album,” enthuses You Me At Six drummer, Dan Flint. In the midst of their Australian tour supporting Paramore and with mere days until the release of Cavalier Youth, Flint is understandably excited at what is to come for the band.

“It’s the longest time we’ve ever spent writing and recording an album. We did it a bit differently. We moved into a home-studio, and it was out in the woods in the UK. All we had to do was cook each other food, hang out like best friends and write music together. We didn’t have any pressures to kind of sit down and get it done.”

Of course, the album has already been teasing fans, with single Lived A Lie being released late last year, and the band currently adding new tracks to their set list – which Flint explains have been going down a treat.

Lived A Lie is already probably one of the biggest songs in our live set. Everywhere we go, it just seems to be getting bigger and bigger. That’s kind of got us even more excited for the rest of the album to come out.”

Interestingly, it’s the process that the band have gone through to prepare fans for the albums release that has warranted some attention; with the band recently explaining that everyone should “forget what you knew about the band before”.

“The whole album is a positive one, especially compared to the ones that we’ve had before. It’s always refreshing to do that [starting fresh], because there are so many people who might have judged your band – in either a good or bad way – from your previous album,” he explains. “Say, you weren’t a fan of the band before because of a previous album, I think there is no reason why you wouldn’t like Cavalier Youth. It seems more accessible. It works for all people and all tastes, whereas I think before we were just considered a pop rock band. Now, it feels like it’s quite hard to pigeon-hole us into one genre.”

Certainly, with the first listen to the album in full, it’s definitely clear how positive the recording experience and fresh start was for the band – an experience that Flint looks back on fondly.

“The whole experience of making the album has been the best time of our lives, and we’re really proud of what has come out. It was just a really fun experience, and we’ve never had so much fun making an album.”

Instrumental to the bands sound and progression with Cavalier Youth was legendary producer Neal Avron; someone who has been a part of several influential albums from Weezer, Yellowcard and Fall Out Boy – and someone who Flint expresses an honest wish to work with again in the future.

“Going over to LA to record with Neal, it just felt really natural. We stayed at his house while we were there, so it was very home-y. He’s great. Rather than forcing you to practice, he makes you want to experiment and try new things – or to be better at playing your instrument or writing new songs. He inspired you to want to do something, and I think for us, that worked perfectly.”

Without a doubt, the recording and writing process has been a positive one for the band, and it certainly shows in the resulting album – a gorgeous array of heartfelt, summer-fuelled melodies and lyrics that make you want to sing-a-long with every word. And with its release just around the corner, Flint has quite a simple – but no less important – idea of what he and his band mates want to achieve with its release.

“I think even going back to the title of the album, it means ‘carefree youth’ – I mean, you watch the news or read the paper these days, and everything is so negative and depressing. So, we’re just hoping whether it’s from listening to our albums or maybe coming to a show and seeing something live, [fans] will just have that sense of carefree youth inside of them. No matter what age they are, when they put that record on or they come to a show, all this shit that is happening in the world doesn’t have to matter for that amount of time.”

Many thanks to Dan for taking the time to chat to us. Special thanks to Bec at Deathproof. Cavalier Youth is released in Australia on January 31st.


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