Cavalier Youth

Reviewed by Meghan Player

In 2008, Push To Fire were introduced to a young band on the rise in the UK called, You Me At Six. Fresh-faced and ready to take on the world, the band set about making that dream a reality – releasing three unique albums, touring across the globe and creating a solid fan base in the process. Three years since their last release, Sinners Never Sleep, the band have returned with new album Cavalier Youth; and it’s arguably their best album to date.

Opener ‘Too Young To Feel This Old’ is the perfect Summer anthem – filled with warm melodies, positive lyrics and an overwhelming feeling of goodness; whilst first single [and the first indication of the bands progress in sound] ‘Lived A Lie‘ is ensured to become a crowd favourite in the live setting, inspiring you to belt out the chorus in unison.

Lending further to the idea of a new era for the band, ‘Fresh Start Fever‘ puts the album into perspective – reminding us that while the band are proud of where they began [see lyrics: “…everyone loves the original…”], they’re keen to show how far they have come. ‘Forgive & Forget’ moves into a slower tempo and melody, without losing the warmth and mood of the previous tracks.

‘Room To Breathe‘ is a personal highlight on the album – dropping back to a heavier, yet astoundingly clean track that makes you want to jump out of your seat and punch your fist in the air in triumph; whilst ‘Win Some, Lose Some‘ is ridiculously infectious, with a bridge section that puts some of the more seasoned bands to shame.

Certainly, as the album begins to wind down to the end – with tracks ‘Be Who You Are‘ and finale ‘Wild Ones’ showing a new level of depth to the album – you are struck with how mature and stunning ‘Cavalier Youth‘ actually is. Filled with soaring melodies that aren’t repetitive or pretentious, the album focuses on being simple – not overwhelming the listener with too many ideas or sounds that are completely unnecessary.

However, most importantly is how well the album works for You Me At Six. It demonstrates a band that isn’t afraid of change, a band that is capable of great things, and most importantly, a band that refuses to sit still – and for that, the album is definitely one of their finest moments.



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