Buried In Verona have a message for anyone that has ever doubted them; Go fuck yourself.”

And certainly that message will be put into action when the Sydney-based five-piece release their new album Faceless on March 7th [via UNFD].

We read a lot of things people say about us and most of the time it doesn’t bother us,” says vocalist Brett Anderson, “but when people say that our fans are fucked or that they are lame, that’s when it really gets to us. We aren’t going to change the way we are, and we hope our fans never change the way they are to appease people who like to talk shit. This record is as much a ‘fuck you’ to our detractors, as it is a message to people to keep being themselves no matter what.”

Fans have already received their first taste of the new album, with first single Splintered being released at the end of last year. A second video is expected to be released within the next week for new track, Illuminate.

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