Bluejuice are no strangers to the live setting – or showing Australian audiences how to party. On the eve of the Big Day Out 2014, we sat down for a quick chat with Stav to get the low down on pre-festival preparation and that all important costume selection.

By Meghan Player

You’ve got a great way to start the New Year with the Big Day Out – are you looking forward to heading out on tour?
Yeah, it’s exciting and obviously it’s pretty much the best way to start your year in terms of being a band. It’s going to be great.

Are there anyone you’re looking forward to seeing?
Yeah, The Hives are always good.

Good choice!
[Laughs] Yeah, yeah. I’m sure Snoop will be fun. Portugal the Man – you know there’s a bunch.

This isn’t your first time on the Big Day Out – do you have any advice for the bands that are ‘first timers’?
I would say hang out as much as you can after the shows and for the after parties. Get into a bit of trouble. You never know who you’re going to bump into backstage. Just soak it in because it will be gone in a snap.

In saying that, is there a particular highlight you can actually remember from previous BDOs?
[Laughs] Well, the first time we played was super exciting. We didn’t play the whole tour though, and the gig itself was a debacle. The gear was falling apart, the PA broke down. We couldn’t hear each other and our bass player busted the strings on his bass – so we had to borrow it from this Japanese band that we playing after us. Then he kept cutting his hands on the strings and was bleeding all over this beautiful 1970s bass guitar.  We tried apologising after the show, and of course the guy didn’t speak a word of English. So that was kind of crazy.

Of course, no Bluejuice set is complete without the addition of an elaborate costume – do you have one planned for the Big Day Out, and will it beat the Hives mariachi uniform?
We do indeed, but I can’t reveal too much. All I can say is it will look fantabulous. [laughs] It will be amazing, darling! It’s going to be camp as, that’s all I will say.

S.O.S‘ was the last single we had from yourselves towards the end of last year – and I understand you’re working on another one at the moment?
We’re just starting pre-production for some more singles to record later this year, so it’s all kind of happening now.

Can we expect an album soon?
No, just singles. So, probably no more albums out of us for a little while.

Many thanks to Stav for taking the time to chat to us. You can catch Bluejuice as part of the Big Day Out which kicks off this week. For more information and tickets, head to:


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