Reviewed by Meghan Player

It’s only been a few months since Papa Pilko & the Bin Rats blessed our eardrums with their second EP, Howlin – and showing no plans to slow down anytime soon, the band have recently released their latest effort, Third Time Lucky.

Picking up where the last EP left off, the band progress their sound and prowess ten-fold with opener Poor Boy – a hip-shaking, feverish romp that belongs in the jazz clubs of the 1930s. The sultry, nostalgic rhythms – and killer horn section – swoon around the imagination of the listener, while frontman Cyrus Pilko‘s grating, growling vocals seem to draw inspiration from the legendary Tom Waits.

Not to be outdone, Good To Be Bad follows its partners lead, by drawing on the surprisingly romantic sound of an era that has long since passed; whilst Woman In Black drops the mood slightly, telling tall tales of soul-stealing woman who will take you “to hell and back”.

Final track The Burning Falcon is undoubtedly the biggest shift in sound on the EP – more upbeat, less smouldering and generally just an overall good time [which isn’t to say it doesn’t hold its own amongst the romance of the previous tracks, because it definitely does].

Certainly, Third Time Lucky is a definite winner in the Papa Pilko & the Bin Rats stakes. It’s smouldering blend of jazz and blues would make anyone weak at the knees, and succeeds in being another EP worthy of your immediate attention.


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