GO4-2014 (email)

KillRockStar Entertainment and Tombowler have announced today that seminal post-punk legends, Gang of Four will be heading to Australia to celebrate the 35th anniversary of their classic album, Entertainment!

“Entertainment! was a rare bird for its time,  an enthralling amalgam of punk, funk and angular rock that signalled a changing-of-the-guard ushering in of the post- punk era. Released in 1979, the collection of danceable songs would go on to inspire a generation – stripped of excess flesh, it revealed a twitching skeleton rising against apathy and commodity. The influence of Entertainment! is still being felt in music today.  To celebrate 35 years since its release, Gang Of Four will perform the entire album in full across Australia in 2014.”

You will be able to catch the band at the following dates/venues:

*Tickets On Sale 10th of January

Wednesday 19th March
Corner Hotel, Melbourne

Thursday 20th March
Metro Theatre, Sydney

Saturday 22nd March
HiFi, Brisbane

Sunday 23rd March
Capital, Perth

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