What has been your highlight from this year?
We finally got to release some new material through our new EP, got the chance to open for Black Flag to a sold out venue that seemed to enjoy our sound which surprised us. Got to be on the Turbonegro tribute album. Realized that Miley Cyrus was more punk rock than we are and finally have an American answer to One Direction (don’t remember the name)

Best moment on tour/whilst on the road?
Falling on the drums and making it impossible to keep playing 30 seconds into the first song when we played our hometown last winter. My knee still hurts, but it was funny.

Gig of the year?
Kvelertak and Cancer Bats at the Roxy in Hollywood. 3 guitars on stage and singing in Norwegian is pretty fucking cool. Makes me want to try with 4 or 3 double necks, that’d be like 6 really.

Album of the year?
…Like Clockwork by Queens Of The Stone Age

Favourite new discovery this year?
The new Black Angels album – even though we already liked the old Black Angels albums

What will 2014 look like for the band?
We actually didn’t make plans after December 2012 as we thought the world was going to end… What a rip off. So we’ll see how it goes

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