AC4 - Photo by Robin Laananen

What has been your highlight from this year?
Getting the new band the T-55’s together and working on new songs with a full band again!

Best moment on tour/whilst on the road?
Drinking with Christoffer at Groezrock and the Monster Bash festivals on the last AC4 tour, and you know, the usual; meeting new and old friends and seeing good bands. Rock’n’roll.

Gig of the year?
We, that was AC4, played with Flag at the Monster Bash festival in Munich. I know they’re only a greatest hits reunion band and all that, but those are some hits and they sounded so good. I mean, Chuck Dukowski! After the show I ran across the stage just to hug him because he is so great. They are all really nice, genuine people too and any fan of early Black Flag, or good music, should check them out.

Album of the year?
“Aftershock” by Motörhead. Runner-up would be “Black Dog Barking” by Airbourne.

Favourite new discovery this year?
AC4 did a short tour of Finland with Total Recall. They are a young, energetic hardcore punk band. I also like Sniffing Glue from Germany. I had heard a couple of their songs before, but they were great when we played with them in Solingen. Latest Fashion from Umeå are sort of new too. There’s a band from Växjö called Dynamite, but their album doesn’t seem to be available on vinyl? What I’ve heard sounds good anyway.

What will 2014 look like for the T-55s?
The T-55’s have only been around for 10 weeks, so we haven’t made that many plans. We’ve recorded nine songs so far. Two will be on a split 7″ with Mary’s Kids coming out in January on AM Vinyl Records in the US, five will be out on a 12″ EP on JanML in Germany and two will be on a Umeå Hardcore Punk compilation LP on Ny Våg. All of them are limited edition, get-the-first-pressing-while-you-can type deals. We’re also starting to book shows, so things are looking good!


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