Reviewed by Jemma Nott

The Exchange Hotel or Spectrum filled up on Friday night in order to see up and comers The Good Ship. The Brisbane 8-piece are a nautically-themed, gritty folk rock band and boy do they know how to rock. Upon first introduction to the band, I wasn’t so easily swayed (not even on a boat) – but their visual aesthetic – which as you may have guessed involves a lot of hats and corset – plus their onstage energy certainly makes up for it.

The bands set certainly involves a lot of stomp-a-long songs and a plethora of catchy chorus’. So much, in fact, that you’ll have found yourself stamping along for such a long time that you forgot to not have a good time all together.

The most musically fulfilling and emotionally evocative songs in their set list however are the slower songs. Not only do they take on a life of their own, but they are far more story-telling-centric than much of anything else you see in indie music at the moment. You almost feel as boozy and grimy as the songs themselves – and, god forbid I should even use this phrase, but you are taken on a journey (I know clichéd but true).

Admittedly, a back catalogue of songs about the sea can become a bit samey after a while, but saying no to nautical themed music, generally, is saying no to fun. And no sane person says no to fun.

There is a very clear and specific niche in the market for a band like the Good Ship and they fill it robustly. So, don’t forget your sea sickness medication and let the Good Ship’s rum-filled ascension take you away.


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