Reviewed by Jade Daly

Red Remedy are an alternative rock band who proudly lay down their roots in Sydney, Australia. Their latest EP, The Waste is a grand follow-up to their 2010, full length release, Oblivion.

Overall, The Waste is the perfect contestant for an impressive comeback. Two years is a hell of a long time, but it seems these guys have been working hard. Opening track Love This Machine balances on the very edge of hardcore screamo and melodic rock. A combination of seriously heavy vocals with delicate harmonies gives the track an eerie sense of depth, something that really begins to draw you in.

Let Me Out really picks up the pace demonstrating solid guitar riffs, and vocals that are truly set to impress, the perfect example of the individuality this band seems to radiate, whilst Senseless opens with a stomach churning bass line, a slow and addictive sound that continues throughout the song, before picking up its slightly sluggish beat.

Title track The Waste draws the EP to a close, and it’s here that the bands early noughties rock sound really starts to show its true colours. Epic riffs, screamo choruses coupled with sensual lyrics and heavy beats, make for one hell of a listen.

Overall The Waste is an awesome listen from the very outset.  It’s heavy rock vibes keep you on your toes from start to finish, the only foreseeable downside is that this is simply a five song EP rather than a full length record, which really only leaves you wanting more.



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