Reviewed by Jemma Nott

Cub Sport (recently re-named from Cub Scout due to a legal battle with Scouts Australia) have been slowly sweeping into the national consciousness over the past year or so. Basically, if you’ve never heard of them, they’re an uber freaking cute five-piece pumping out sweet, sweet pop melodies to cheer us all up and make us dance when we feel down. They released their EP Paradise earlier in the year and winners like Told You So and Pool! have been getting regular Triple J plays. I caught them at a somewhat intimate gig on Saturday night at the Brighton Up Bar on Oxford Street.

An intimate venue like the Brighton Up Bar is usually very much unused to being wantonly harassed by the flailing of limbs and jumping up and down involved in polite moshing, but that’s exactly what happened on Saturday night. To be fair, it’s pretty hard to listen to a Cub Sport song and not have a boogie – I would image, with at least some of the songs, that was certainly what the band had in mind when creating them.  In fact, it was pretty obvious that the band was feeding off the good vibes of the crowd on the night and giving back an exact amount of energy.

There’s nothing really more satisfying than seeing a band live who’s EP or album you already know back to front and realizing that you prefer the live version, but that’s exactly what happened for me with the Cub Scouts. These guys seem relatively gig-seasoned and the fact they know exactly what they’re doing meant everyone else could just relax and have a good time – which is what we all did. I’d be genuinely really excited to see how their live performance translates to a bigger venue because the results would purely tremendous.

I highly recommend seeking out these guys on the touring circuit and rubbing up against as many strangers as possible whilst Cub Sport pump out Pool! directly to your earbuds…or…you know..something like that.

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