Introduce yourself and your music:
Kota: We’re Bad Wolf and we play alternative rock music that draws inspiration from fantasy, so we call our music “faerie rock”!

How would you describe your sound and lyric style?
Tommy: I describe our sound as alternative rock that combines ethereal/ambient qualities with an edgier rock style. We were dubbed “faerie-rock” at one of our early shows and we’ve embraced it ever since as it sums us up pretty well.

Kota: My lyrical style is a bit eclectic. A lot of my lyrics are based off of novels, movies, TV shows, fiction/fantasy, etc. I try to keep a positive message throughout our songs, even if they have a darker theme.

Who are your main influences? What else inspires you?
Tommy: From a songwriting perspective: Incubus, in their ability to blend genres and bring unique and musically intricate songs to a massive audience. From a musicianship standpoint: Minus the Bear and the Reign of Kindo are the most massively talented musicians that I strive to emulate. I have an eclectic musical taste ranging from metalcore/grindcore to ambient instrumental/electronic music and everything in between, so our musical style can vary greatly even within a single song. I also draw a lot of inspiration from outer space imagery.

Kota: I draw inspiration from all elements of life, especially fairytales/folklore/fantasy fiction. As far as musical inspirations, I look up to artists like Kerli, Lady Gaga, Bjork, Emilie Autumn, The Green Children, and Amy Lee because they always tie an element of fantasy into their music and image, but have a very distinct style and always stay true to who they are.

What are you working on now?
Tommy: We just finished recording a couple of new songs that we will release as singles starting in early 2014. We are so proud of these songs and can’t wait to release them for the world to hear!

Kota: You may be seeing another music video from us very soon, also!

Are you touring now? When/where?
Kota: We are currently not touring, as we’ve been focusing on writing/recording new music, but we’d love to tour up the west coast someday! I’ve always wanted to visit Washington/Oregon!

What can people expect at your live gigs?
Tommy: Kota’s a rock front-woman, plain and simple, so I just try to keep up with her insane level of energy. We also like to throw in a cover song – usually a current pop song – that we re-imagine faerie-rock style complete with space guitar effects and all. Every once in a while we do a dark version of Sleeping Beauty’s “Once Upon A Dream” to set the mood for the start of our set.

Kota: Lots of energy! We have an array of music, some very upbeat and driving, and some more mellow and haunting, so we try to draw our audience in and then rock their faces off!

Where can people check out your music?
Kota: You can always go to our website www.WeAreBADWOLF.com to find our music, and you can also find us on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc.

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