Melbourne’s Harmony have unveiled a tempered, stark, sober, and ultimately haunting video for Diminishing Returns’.

Vocalist/guitarist Tom Lyngcoln’s perspective on the song also translates to its audio visual accompaniment; ….“it’s weird, it’s non-linear but it’s still a losing cycle, it’s eerily soft then primitively loud and will do nothing to help us fit in with any kind of crowd.

Featuring Tom Lyngcoln (The Nation Blue), Jon Chapple (McLusky) and Alex Lyngcoln (Remake Remodel), Harmony channel  the intensity of their previous projects into brooding, protracted creations, while Amanda Roff (Ukeladies), Quinn Veldhuis and Erica Dunn tear the arrangements apart with sweet, three-part gospel reprise. A mongrel concoction of gallows blues and balladry.

Harmony’s ‘Diminishing Returns’ 7″/EP descends this Friday November 15th courtesy of Poison City Records, as lauded sextet to wrap their 2013 touring with several intimate East Coast shows off the back of a lengthy tour with The Drones.


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