Introduce yourself and your music
Hi, I’m Chris from Matchbox Heroes. Our music is best described as alternative pop/rock – I mean we sound a bit like UK bands like Feeder and Snow Patrol, but are heavily influenced by American bands like Matchbox Twenty and US singer songwriters such as Dan Wilson.

Describe your sound and lyric style
Well we try and mix it up a bit. A great deal of thought goes into the lyrical content but not too much that it’s overkill. I want the listener to empathise, relate and above all else enjoy the song, that’s why we put a load of sing along choruses in and catchy guitar hooks!

Who are your main influences? What inspires you?
Well I mentioned Dan Wilson before, he’s a big influence, as is most of the 90s American pop rock scene! These days I am trying to broaden my listening so recently I’ve been enjoying Lana Del Rey, Spector, Fun and the new Onerepublic album.
Other things that inspire me – good question! I think every day experiences with family and friends, and also the visual arts – I’m a big Picasso fan! I also listen a lot more than I used to. I will draw on other people’s experiences and stories, writing from their perspective opens up a whole new chapter in the songwriting book.

What are you working on now?
Right now we are putting together a new studio EP, but that wont be out until the Spring at the earliest. I also am looking at co-writing opportunities with a couple of bigger artists, but until that’s confirmed I have to keep quiet!
Andy (my brother and drummer) and I are also putting together an acoustic release to accompany touring plans for next year. It will be really simple, 2 guitars, 2 voices, minimal production. Nice and simple, unlike our studio recording arrangements!

Are you touring now?
We are actually holding off on touring until March 2014. That’s when we hit the road. It was such a busy summer for festivals that I didn’t get much chance to write and demo new material, so that’s what I’m focusing on right now. But March we will be back out live!

What can people expect at your live gigs?
Well we keep it upbeat, have a lot of back and forth banter with the audience and always try and put a cheesy cover in – you can’t take yourself too seriously can you?! People can also pick up a Matchbox Heroes t-shirt, CDs and catch up with us – it’s always so important to actually give a shit about the people who come and support you, they are the reason you are there after all!

Where can people check out your music?
People can check us out on any of the below web stuff:

They can also get in touch by emailing info@matchboxheroes.co.uk

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