When it comes to pop punk, the Ataris need no introduction. Hailing from Indiana, the four-piece have been circulating the scene since the mid-90s, leaving five classic albums in their wake. While the band continue to work on album number six, we sat down with the band ahead of their Australian tour to talk ‘The Graveyard of The Atlantic‘, the Mayan apocalypse and Air Supply.

By Bec Hennessy

I’m gonna get this one out-of-the-way, because I’m sure you are probably sick of people asking – since the Mayan Apocalypse was a no-show, hows the new album “The Graveyard of the Atlantic” progressing? Can we hope to have it in our hands soon?
I will just be honest here. It will be done when it’s done.

Kris has released an acoustic album and performed acoustically recently, is that something the Atari’s might be headed towards? Four guys crammed into a shitty van with.. acoustic guitars?
Four guys crammed in a shitty van is nothing new to us. But the answer here is no. Kris acoustic is separate of The Ataris. We will carry on as the four piece rock band until our shitty van falls off the face of the earth and we all die.

What were you listening to or inspired by in creating the new record?
Our records are inspired by life events.

You will be visiting us soon with Hits & Pits 2.0 Festival – what can we look forward to at those gigs? Some new material perhaps?
Since it’s a shorter set we will stick to the fan favorites. But there will likely be a new song in the set for this tour.

You are definitely a band that wears their hearts on their sleeves lyrically. What’s your favourite love (or anti-love) song? If you could record a duet with anyone who would it be?
I just saw Air Supply last week and all their songs are love songs. They kicked ass too! How about a collaboration with those dudes? That would be awesome! They have so many hits and you know all of them.

Your current label Paper + Plastick have a pretty cool mission statement about art and music. In particular I related to and enjoyed the part about the digital nature of music these days means missing out on the art, physically holding the record in your hands and poring over the lyrics and liner notes. How did you become associated with them? What’s your view of art in music?
Paper+Plastick are doing some really cool things with the artistic side of album releases and signing some great bands too. The Ataris have known the guys in Less Than Jake for years. Vinnie from LTJ runs P+P and has a great vision for the label. Kris does some really great photography and sells it at our shows. Thomas designed a poster we were selling on a tour as well.

What are your future plans? A tour on the new album?
There will be some things coming up next year. When the new record comes out there will be a tour for it. We run our own social media sites and will be posting there when it’s time.

Many thanks to the band for taking the time to chat to us. You can catch the Ataris as part of the Hits & Pits 2.0 lineup.


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