Supported by Of Mice & Men and Crossfaith
Reviewed by Meghan Player2013 has been a massive year for music, so when three huge acts combine to tour across Australia in support of some of the biggest albums of the year – anticipation is certainly going to be quite high. Such is the case for Bring Me The Horizon, who returned to Australian shores with Japan’s Crossfaith and hardcore heroes, Of Mice & Men.

When I arrive at the venue, I struggle not to notice how old I feel amongst an all-ages crowd. Some form of dubstep blasts its way through the venue speakers, before a countdown voiceover announces there are “4 minutes til the show begins”.

And boy did we need that warning for what is about to come.

Crossfaith subsequently blow everyones minds and eardrums from the minute they step onto stage. Having only recently been introduced to the band, the promise of these guys being “an unmissable live act” certainly exceeded my expectations. The band throw themselves from one side of the stage to the other, never pausing, never letting up, hell, I don’t even think they stop for a drink of water during their set.

Much like their latest album, Apocalyze, the band deliver an epic, brutal performance – with each track taking on new life in the live arena, whilst setting the bar extremely high for the next act.

As the room begins to fill and the lights begin to dim once again, the screams for Of Mice & Men blow whatever hearing I have left. The band is borderline euphoric as they encourage the audience to move that little bit harder, pushing both their own and the crowds physical limits.It’s when front man Austin Carlile asks the crowd to climb on each others shoulders [even heads], that you can almost hear the gasp from the venue security guards and attending parents. Thankfully, there are no injuries and the spectacle itself is certainly formidable.

It is, however, the night for Bring Me The Horizon to show Australian audiences just what latest album, Sempiternal is all about. The energy and anticipation in the air is infectious, as the band makes their way to the stage for the final act of the evening.As the band stands behind a sheer curtain, the illumination of Oli Sykes sends thousands of teenage girls into a frenzy of screaming, before the opening bars of Can You Feel My Heart ring out. On cue, the curtain drops from the ceiling, subsequently making the roaring/screaming/yelling increase ten fold. Certainly, tonight is going to be massive.

As the band launches into a set that comprises a majority of tracks from their latest album, I can never manage to tear my eyes away from what is happening on stage. Sykes throws himself around like a man possessed, whilst fellow band members jump from strategically placed stage rises. Each sudden burst of chorus or emphatic growl is matched with incredible stage lighting – making the performance less of a show and more of a spectacle.

It’s when the band stops to breathe during the semi-ballad And The Snakes Start To Sing that I’m shifting into sensory overload – in the best way possible. The band has the audience, including myself, eating out of the palm of their hands – drawing us into their hardcore web of intrigue. And we love every minute of it.

Undoubtedly, tonight is a true testament to not only Bring Me The Horizon, but the booming hardcore scene. All three bands continue to not only push the boundaries of the conventional hardcore band, but keep the music dangerous and above all, interesting.

Do yourself a favour, do not miss this tour – you will certainly regret it if you do.

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