Griswolds 2

Reviewed by Jemma Nott

I’m not going to lie, when I headed off to the Oxford Art Factory on a fine Friday night…I wasn’t really feeling it. But, at the dreaded risk of this very short plot point become cliché, my night was very much turned around as soon as the first act hit the stage. Lime Cordiale were the first act up and I already knew what to expect, having seen them earlier in the year at the Manning Bar.

I’m sure you were wondering if that was a good thing or a bad thing but it was mostly a great thing. The best way to describe Lime Cordiale is a chilled out rock vibe that just makes you want to bop and nod along. For a support act, these guys actually managed to stir the slumber over the Oxford Art Factory and got them suitably dancing along. Not to mention, the fact that they dropped some newbie’s off their recently released EP, which are absolute crowd-winners.

Chance Waters was soon to follow and I wasn’t quite as sure what to expect from these guys. Like most though, I’m sure you will have heard much of this guy’s stuff on the repeat on any radio station worth listening to. If not though, Chance Waters is a Australian hip hop artist with a slightly indie-rock feel. Chance Waters himself is an upbeat guy, and his generally good energy had a tendency to emanate throughout the crowd. He has an eclectic set list – rapping one minute and playing an iPad keyboard the next.  Not to mention his amazing cover of ‘Little Lion Man’ which he previously performed for Triple J Like A Version and the amazing response to ‘Young and Dumb’ – one of his most radio-played songs

Of course, everyone there that night was there for The Griswolds. The best way to describe the Griswolds is a bit like classic Aussie rock infused with new indie and mixed with a dab of acid. The guys came onstage wearing Indian-looking face makeup and headdresses, and quite simply, rocked out. The front-man would introduce each song with quirky commentary and slowly each member of the band began to win me over. Each track translated just as well onstage as it does recorded, in particular the ‘Mississippi’ and, of course, ‘Heart Of A Lion’ which got the whole crowd jumping and clapping along.

Certainly, if tonight proved one thing: you’d be crazy not to catch these guys on the tour circuit.


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