Claws & Organs - Nothing To Learn - cover
Reviewed by Emma Dean

The debut EP from Melbourne grunge rockers Claws & Organs is a raw and visceral glimpse into their dark and sweaty live act.

Reminiscent of early Grinspoon and all good 90s alternative rock, Claws & Organs take a much loved genre and put their own twist on it. Recorded live, the EP captures their energy and sound down to a T.

Garlon On The Yarra draws attention instantly, both high pitched and heavy with drawling vocals. Super Ordinary is almost lethargic, the vocals drawn out and bored, emphasising the ordinary. Man Of The House takes it up a notch, whining to hard rock while Paperback drives it home with fast, crunching riffs and heartbreaking vocals.

This is an impressive debut from some promising local talent. I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with next!

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