It’s not often that you see hardcore and electronica in the same sentence – let alone combined to form one of the most unique and downright epic bands kicking it on the international scene at the moment. Enter Crossfaith. Since wowing Australian audiences during Soundwave earlier this year, the band has embarked on a hectic world tour in support of their new album, Apocalyze. On the eve of their Australian return, we caught up with Japan’s finest to talk about the upcoming tour, working with Machine and shark diving.

By Meghan Player

First of all – congratulations on the new album, ‘Apocalyze’. Man, what a brutal, epic album!

Even from the opening bars of ‘Prelude’ it already feels like it’s going to be an epic album – something that remains prevalent throughout the rest of the tracks. Was creating this epic sound something you wanted explore with the new album?
We were thinking epic and stadium rock! Seriously! We wanted this to be in its element when it is being performed on a large stage. This is something we have always dreamed of creating and we got to achieve this with this album. Thank you for noticing.

It’s not often that electronica and hardcore go hand in hand, so I have to applaud you on being able to marry the two completely different styles so perfectly – what initiated the idea to blend these two genres together?
Well it all comes down to how we actually write the music. Our DJ Teru and our guitarist Kazu are our two main writers. One writes the heavy bits and the other writes the electronic parts. It just made sense really and honestly it came together quite naturally.

Do your individual music influences inspire the sound/melodies you create?
Sometimes. We listen to all sorts of music and I suppose having such a wide variety of musical tastes does contribute and influence how we write. I personally feel that our experiences as human beings are more influential on our music than other bands.

As the album continues, it’s almost like each track hits you ten times harder and louder than the previous one – was this a conscious decision?
No. It really wasn’t. It is just how it all turned out but thank you for saying that! The track list was thought of, but when we decided how the album should run, this just seemed natural.

‘Countdown To Hell’ is a particularly punishing track – and immediately inspires the idea of a circle pit opening up during a live set. Have you been playing any of the new tracks live? How have the audience been responding to the new material?
This song goes down very well live and we are so happy that people like it. It is definitely a highlight on the album and we are very proud of how it came out!

You worked with ‘Machine’ on this album – whose produced some equally epic albums from Lamb of God and Every Time I Die – how much influence did he bring to the table in terms of how the album would sound?
Machine is an absolute legend. The albums which he has worked on in the past are some of our favorites and we really jumped at the chance to work with him. We were really proud of the Zion EP and it helped us around the world to gain a fan base. For this we are really grateful. He has helped influence our sound on this album even further.
We had a lot more time to sit down and work through the songs as the EP was only recorded in a week. This current album was recorded over the space of 2 months. We had the chance to experiment and work over many different aspects of our sound. Working with him is great because he pushes us in so many different directions that we get to try everything out and he gives us a great opinion into what we could do with our music. He is really great!

Did you approach making this album differently to your 2009 debut?
Of course! This album was recorded in a proper studio in New Jersey, USA. The album was the course of 2 years of hard work and once the album is made the work doesn’t stop. You will go back many times and try different things.

How much has the band changed between releases?
So much! I think the essential sound has stayed the same, it has just matured in many ways and so have we as people. This is something that is very apparent if you listen to each album back to back. We have grown as song writers as well and matured.

I actually recently returned from Japan, and was completely blown away by the local hardcore and punk scene over there. Are there any local Japanese acts that have caught your attention?
The scene is small, but really good at the same time. There is a strong following for it and that’s what keeps all the bands going. There are two bands which you should check out: SiM and Coldrain. They are the best!

You’ll be heading to Australia shortly to support Bring Me The Horizon/Of Mice & Men – what are you looking forward to most about heading back here again?
Shark diving! We have been told that this is on the cards and seriously something we want to do! We are so excited to be coming back with such an array of amazing bands! To be asked to be on this tour was something which really was amazing to us and we are so thankful for it. We really are excited about getting to play in front of all of you again and play the new songs too!

How was your experience here earlier in the year for Soundwave?
Soundwave was one of the best tours we have ever done. It really was! All the bands that we looked up to as kids we were playing with, and to be able to be on the main stage was such an awesome opportunity. We are really glad that people liked it!

Finally, what are you hoping fans take away from the new album?
We really would like this album to enable us to travel and see places and experience new things that we have not before. This is our first proper international release and we are really excited to see what the future will bring.

Many thanks to the Crossfaith dudes for taking the time to chat to us. You can check out upcoming tour dates and purchase a copy of Apocalyze via:

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